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Basic Symptoms

Neck Pain

The neck, or cervical spine, is a complex structure that has great bearing on one's health and vitality. It is comprised of seven bones (vertebrae) that have the distinction of being the most flexible in the human spine.

Neck pain can arise from the following:

Old injuries
Injuries like those that occur from whiplash (rear-end car collisions) or falls on the head can lie dormant for years. Vertebrae can shift out of normal position, resulting in sub-optimal joint movement. Eventually, degenerative changes or arthritis follows, leading to pain and dysfunction. A good analogy is a car's wheel alignment being knocked off center after hitting a curb: the wheel's mechanics are disturbed, and pretty soon the tire tread thins unevenly and the brake starts making noises. Pain in your neck is a way of telling you that there is something mechanically wrong and that you should be evaluated to determine the cause of your pain.

Degenerative Joint Disease
Also known as Arthritis narrows the canal where the nerves exit the spine. As a result, the nerves can get compressed. This leads to local pain or numbness and tingling down the arms, hands and fingers.

Disc Herniations
Discs are the tough ligaments that hold vertebrae together while allowing them to move in unison. A disc is comprised of two main parts: an outer annulus and an inner, jelly-like structure called the nucleus. When healthy, the tight rings of the annulus keep the nucleus inside. When weakened, the nucleus can punch through the annulus, making it to the outside. This usually occurs from trauma, lifting a heavy load, or in rare cases, simply coughing or sneezing. The condition is called a herniated or bulging disc. Being that the outer layer of the disc has a high density of nerve endings, this can be very painful. If the disc presses against a nerve root, it may cause radiating pain down into the arm

As a doctor of chiropractic, I take a thorough approach to the treatment and prevention of neck pain. After a complete chiropractic examination, x-rays or MRI, I determine which part of the spine is not functioning properly. Only after the examination and required imaging studies can I tell you if I can help you or not.

At Johnson Chriopractic, we offer a variety of gentle, safe, and natural approaches to help relieve your pain and get you back to living a normal life. We accept most insurance plans and have treated hundreds of patients.

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