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Knee Pain

Do your knee(s) ache?

Do your knee(s) ache or are they painful during or after exercise?

Knee pain is a very common complaint for many people. One of the reasons is that our knees are the biggest joints in our body, and the most trau­matized. I want to talk about those nagging long lasting aches and pains in the knee. Most knee problems start from one of two areas.

First, a foot problem that can put abnormal stress on the knee.  This can  cause or magnify the second problem.

Second, a strength imbalance in the muscles that support and move the knee. This muscle imbalance can be a difference in strength from the front to back of the leg or if the leg was divided down the middle, there may also be a difference in muscle strength from the right side of the leg to the left side of the leg.  This can result in two very common knee problems that plague a large number of people.  These are Patello-Femoral Arthralgia (P.F.A.), and Excessive Lateral Pressure Syndrome (E.L.P.S.).

These two disorders result from the supporting muscles pulling the knee cap strongly to one side of the femur.  This results in excessive rubbing of the knee cap on the femur bone. How do you know if you have either P.F.A. or E.L.P.S.?

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself:  1) Do your knees hurt more to go up or down the stairs? 2) Do your knees start to ache after sitting for an hour or two? If you answered yes to any of these questions you could have a muscle imbalance causing P.F.A. or E.L.P.S. With muscle imbalances of this type, simple exercising will not fix the problem.  I see these muscle imbalances in athletes who undoubtedly work out on a regular basis.

The treatment is twofold. The first treatment is specific localized exercises that need to be done to help correct the problem. Second, I often find joint subluxations (miss-alignments) accompanying these muscle imbalances. Until the joint is returned to its proper position there will always be abnormal stress on the joint and this will lead to early joint degeneration (decay) if not corrected. The muscle imbalance that exists will never be able to be corrected by specific exercises until the joint is returned to its proper position. I can perform simple tests to determine the exact cause of your knee pain, and set up a treatment plan specifically designed for you.

At Johnson Chriopractic, we offer a variety of gentle, safe, and natural approaches to help relieve your pain and get you back to living a normal life. We accept most insurance plans and have treated hundreds of patients.

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