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Ankle Pain

Did you know that ankle sprains can have long lasting problems?

Ankle sprains are one of the most commonly seen musculoskeletal injuries in the emergency room. The ankle is one of the body’s major joints, plac­ing it at the top of the list for frequent injury.

The ankle tries to play a dual role in the body, that of stability and mobility. When the ankle has full body weight upon it and your foot is flat on the floor, the ankle is stable. Trouble starts when the ankle is not in this stable position.  This occurs when the toes are pointed toward the floor and the heal is raised, like in a high heal shoe.   This can happen when you are landing from a jump, walking, or even running.   You step or land on an uneven surface, and thus, the ankle moves in to the role of mobility.

To illustrate this let’s look at a basketball player who jumps up for the ball, and then comes down on another player’s foot. When the player is descending the ankle is not stable and the foot is about to land on an uneven surface, therefore, very susceptible to injury. The twisting force that occurs when the player lands on the other player’s foot is so rapid that the body cannot respond quick enough to prevent injury. The same mechanism of injury can result from stepping on uneven ground, or the unexpected step off a curb.

There are different grades of ankle sprains, usually graded upon the amount of ligament damage that occurs. Ligaments are very strong tissues that help hold the bones of the ankle joint in place. Ankle sprains happen when the ligaments holding the ankle joint together stretch and allow the bony joint to shift position.

The amount the bones in the ankle can move depends on the extent of the ligament injury. In most cases we are only talking about very slight malposition of the joints. Unfortunately, as long as the bones are out of place there will be further and constant irritation resulting in increased swelling, longer recovery, and a higher rate of future re-injury.

This is why some people state they have weak ankles.  What they are saying is that they had an ankle injury in the past and because of that injury the ankles did not heal properly and are more unstable. 

When addressing ankle sprains, I can return the joints to its proper alignment. By aligning the ankle joints, I often see a marked decrease in swelling and pain immediately. There will also be a decreased risk of re-injury. Then I can prescribe specific exercise to strengthen the ankles.  Until the proper alignment of the ankle is achieved the ankle will never be 100%, and therefore will be more

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