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Signs of Stress

The 7 Signs of Stress

We all know that stress can negatively affect us. Reality is that stress can cause health problems? To see if stress has effected your health answer the following questions.

  1. The first symptom of stress is headaches.
    In the last thirty days, have you had at least one headache, even if it went away on its own and even if it was minor?"
  2. The second most common symptom of stress is fatigue.
    In the last thirty days, have you had at least one day or part of a day when you lacked the energy you would have liked, or felt fatigued?
  3. The third major symptom of stress is pain or tension in the neck, shoulders or lower back.
    In the last thirty days, have you had pain or tension in your neck, shoulders, or low back?
  4. The next symptom that people manifest from stress is sleep problems.
    They toss and turn, fail to sleep the whole night through, wake up early, or simply can’t fall asleep. Has this happened at least once in the past month?"
  5. The next symptom is irritability or mood swings.
    In the last month or so has this occurred with you?"
  6. The next symptom of stress is digestive trouble.
    Has your digestion or elimination bothered you in any way in the last several months or do you need to take any digestive aids?"
  7. The last symptom is that of allergies and sinus problems.
    Most people do not realize that they can become sensitive to things in their environment as a result of stress on their nervous system. Do you get allergies or do your sinuses bother you?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above question, Stress is affecting your health! If you would like to see if it is possible to have your health improved then calls us and make an appointment to talk with Dr. Johnson.