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Children and Chiropractic Care

Kids Chiropractic Care

The value of chiropractic care is well established among our adult patients. Many of these patients, who are also parents, raise questions about the value of chiropractic care for their children.

Across the United States, millions of parents rely on chiropractic care to maintain the health of their children. With Chiropractic, Dr. Johnson removes barriers to natural healing and restores resistance to many ailments that commonly affect children through these turbulent early years.

Why Children Benefit from Chiropractic Care

From the moment of birth and especially through the rough and tumble period of early childhood, children are exposed to compression, twisting, and jarring that causes minor spinal problems called subluxations.  Simple acts such as the frequent falls experienced by toddlers learning to walk, occasional falling out of bed, or sudden nose dives while riding a tricycle may cause mild traumatic injuries to the spine.

Subluxation of the spine do not necessarily cause discomfort to your child and there may be minimal external evidence that a subluxation exists.  However, vague symptoms such as restricted head movement, interrupted sleep, nursing or feeding difficulties, and even some other common ailments such as persistent ear aches, sore throat, colic, or headaches can also indicate spinal problems.

Dr. Johnson is trained to recognize, identify, and treat the subtle spinal problems which can cause these childhood ailments. 

What is involved in Chiropractic Care for your Child?

Dr. Johnson will conduct a careful and thorough evaluation of your child’s spine. If subluxation is identified, very gentle manipulation is used to correct misalignment and restore normal function. 

The procedure is extremely safe and there is no discomfort.  Infants may be slightly startled by the sudden movement that may be involved in an adjustment but usually your child will not be concerned at all during an adjustment. 

How many Treatments are Required?

Because of the mobility in children’s spines, restoring normal function generally takes fewer adjustments than it would take for the same condition in an adult.

The exact treatment length depends on the condition being treated but Dr. Johnson will discuss this with you during the initial evaluation of your child. 

Is Spinal Manipulation Safe?

Dr. Johnson has worked with hundreds of children and uses techniques developed and refined by chiropractic experts during its 100 year history. The risk of injury to your child during spinal manipulation is extremely low.  Dr. Johnson will discuss these risks with you before initiating and discuss treatment options before any spinal adjustment is performed