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Book Review

The Real Truth About Vitamins & Antioxidants

This book is a must read for anyone starting on the quest to understand the truth about vitamins.  This is a very well written book.  I highly recommend reading anything that Judith De Cava has written.  This is a good starting point for one who really wants to understand the vitamine world.

This second edition release contains 2 new chapters!! For more than twenty-five years, Judith De Cava has been a voice of sanity, science, and salience in her writings on nutrition. She has fought through the hype and clamor that overwhelms so much of the field of nutrition and natural therapeutics. Her guiding principle--that whole foods make whole people--always informs her research and writings, working to defog a food industry that has deceived the world for more than a hundred years. She knows her history and illuminates the distortions of fundamental fact that have created the unhealthiest civilization in history. Mark R. Anderson (Taken from the back cover.) Clinical Nutritionist, health researcher, and writer, Judith DeCava explains in detail the differences between natural and synthetic nutrition.

  • Read whole chapters on a specific nutrient complex, the deficiency symptoms associated with it, and how the complexes work together synergistically.
  • Learn about the highly toxic, drug-like effects synthetic supplements have on the body and why we have been led to believe these unnatural substances are identical substitutes for nutrients found in real, whole food.