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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Guide to Healthy Food Shopping

You know the single biggest key to your health is the food that goes into your body. But where do you start? How do you learn to identify truly wholesome food?
With This Book…

You’ll learn the all-important Four Basic Steps of Healthy Eating. Then, you’ll examine the staples of a real-food diet one by one—from organically raised meats and produce to raw dairy products to freshly milled grains—and learn where to find them. You’ll even get a handy shopping list to guide you.

With “health” food stores blurring the line between good food and bad, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! gives you the straight facts you need to choose superior nutrition. Discover:

  • Why choosing fresh, organic vegetables and fruits is critical to your health
  • Why most grain foods sold in the stores are rancid—even those in the health food stores
  • Why soy milk and other processed soy foods are not health foods
  • Why it’s absolutely essential to choose raw dairy products over pasteurized
  • Why wild-caught fish is the only type of fish you should eat

In the early 20th century, doctors showed without a doubt that the greatest cause of disease in the modern age is the consumption of refined foods. Amazingly, this fact is virtually ignored by most health experts today.

Fortunately, many people are waking up to the importance of eating only whole, natural, nourishing foods. They’re also discovering that switching from a diet of refined foods to one of whole foods takes a little know how.

With Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!, you’ll learn the ins and outs of living on whole foods—and take the reins of your health in the process!

More Than Just a Guide!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Guide to Healthy Food Shopping goes beyond groceries, showing how common toxic household cleaners can be replaced with safe, inexpensive products. There’s also a section on pet foods as well as what to look for in whole-food supplements. From health to home,

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! has you covered!

If you are convinced that you can't afford healthy food; that you don't have time to prepare healthy food; or that you can't change the way you shop for food, then you'll love this book. It will prove you wrong, and you'll be very glad it did.