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Book Review

Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol

This is a good book but very deep and it can get very complex.  I probably would not recommend this book for everyone.  This is more of an advanced level book.  None the less Mary’s knowledge on fats is amazing.

Detailed and accurate information on everything you need to know about the role of fats and oils in the human diet. Chapters include:

    1. Knowing the Basic Facts About Fats and Oils
    2. Lets Get Physical With Fats
    3. Diets: Then and Now, Here and There
    4. The Many Sources of Fats and Oils
    5. Labeling Fats and Oils for the Marketplace
    6. An Overview of Dietary Fat Intake
    7. Small Summaries of Fat Facts
    8. Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers