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Book Review

Cholesterol Facts And Fantasies

If you have been told that you need to be on cholesterol lowering medication, you need to read this book.  You need to understand the real role of cholesterol.  This is a good easy to read book that will hit head on the prevailing myths of cholesterol.

Judith DeCava is a renowned clinical nutritionist, health researcher, and writer. In this second book of her Health Science Series, she unravels the common misleading misconceptions associated with the so-called dangers of cholesterol. With proof backed by decades of laboratory and field research, DeCava explains in detail how essential—and non-detrimental—cholesterol actually is to the proper functioning of every cell in the body.

A deficiency of cholesterol results in fatigue, obesity, nervous and emotional disturbances, digestive difficulties, impotency or inability to conceive and/or complete a pregnancy, menstrual syndromes and masculine traits in women, effeminate traits in men, blood pressure irregularities, fluid imbalances, nutritional deficits and imbalances, and more. (p. 5)