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Book Review

Back to the Basics of Human Health: Avoiding the Fads, Trends and Bold-Faced Lies

This is a very nice easy to read book.  The book collects the main points from various different books.  You get the reader’s digest version.  It is a great place to start understanding what is critical to your health and where to start looking.

Features of the fourth edition include:

  • Dr. Royal Lee's battle against adulterated foods clearly explained
  • New, high-impact points that flow easily for the reader
  • Guidance with respect to vitamin supplements, including information about the processing methods and sources used in manufacturing vitamins
  • Completely rewritten third chapter that gives a historical perspective on food consumption in the United States and traces the low-fat diet debacle to its faulty origins
  • A new section on trans fats
  • The fluoride issue revisited—with a twist!
  • A discussion of how the commercial food industry gained control of the U.S. Government
  • The dark side of antioxidants

A review of how Americans let their health be stolen