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If you arrived at this website because you are researching back doctors, you have come to the right place. The friendly chiropractors at Johnson Chiropractic invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our back doctors. Back doctors know that back pain can interfere with every aspect of life. Sleep is affected, your employment can suffer, and it may become difficult to exercise. Back doctors have observed that patients with back pain often change the way they move in an attempt to relieve pain. It is not surprising that this can trigger additional problems.

Any type of spinal disorder can trigger a vicious cycle of physical ailments. People who seek back doctors often come in because of headaches. Back doctors also see patients who are noticing mental symptoms that seemed to start with the onset of the back pain.

Back doctors define chronic back pain as pain that is so crippling that it interferes with normal daily function and worsens the quality of life. Chronic pain often lasts for years, though it may fluctuate in intensity.

The back doctors at Johnson Chiropractic are also concerned with the collateral damage, most notably, the crisis of prescription drug dependency. Many back doctors see patients who are completely dependent on pain medications such as oxycontin. Pain medication dependency is a serious problem that back doctors can help with. We hear time and again that abusers often started taking pain meds as a result of a back injury. Receiving chiropractic treatment from an experienced back doctor at the first sign of spinal trouble can reduce the risk of dependency. It is very common for chiropractic patients who undergo treatment from a back doctor to reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals. If you can't function without pills, the back doctors at Johnson Chiropractic assure you that there is hope.

A chiropractic back doctor specializes in disorders of the spine. A back doctor can diagnose your ailment and develop a treatment that addresses the root of the problem - not just the symptoms. Treatment may include hands-on adjustment and physical therapy. Many patients experience relief after the initial visit and enjoy continued improvement with each visit to their back doctor. Chiropractic back doctors are trained in specific adjustments designed to align the spine and eliminate any nerve interference that is a complicating factor.

Back doctors treat patients of every age and background. Whether you are a truck driver with low back pain, a businesswoman with neck pain, an office worker with repetitive-motion problems, or an athlete with an injury, our back doctors can help you. It is important to remember that not all back pain is the result of injury. Pain may come on gradually as a result of moving in ways that cause problems. Stress can cause people to tense their muscles - over time this can cause the muscles to spasm. Your back doctor can help you identify ergonomic problems and teach you to move in healthier ways.

Back doctors treat stiffness, pain and spasming. The onset of the pain may occur after prolonged sitting or standing. The back doctors at Johnson Chiropractic practice natural medicine, a process that removes barriers to healing allowing your body's natural powers to work their magic.