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The Many Names for Sugar


With greater media attention and consumer demand, some companies are beginning to make changes. For instance, Yoplait recently reduced their sugar content in their popular strawberry yogurt from 26 grams — one gram less than a Snickers bar — to 18 grams.

There are different types of dry and syrup sugars that may go unnoticed as you read the labels. Here’s a list of some of the more common sugars. However, there are more names for sugar than are listed here.

Also remember that food labels list ingredients in order of their appearance in the product. There is more of the first ingredient than the second and so forth. This means that although sugar may appear in the fourth position of the product label you’re reading, it may not be the fourth largest ingredient overall.

If a different type of sugar is listed in the sixth, eighth and tenth positions, the combined total may put sugar in the second position.

This list doesn’t contain the names of sugars that include the word “sugar,” such as beet sugar or date sugar. You’ll notice that some of these sugars end with the word “syrup” or with an “ose” at the end of the word, such as galactose or fructose, also indicating they are sugars.


Blackstrap molasses

Buttered syrup

Cane juice crystals

Evaporated cane juice


Carob syrup

Fruit juice


Fruit juice concentrate

Brown rice syrup

Corn syrup solids

Florida crystals

Golden syrup

Maple syrup


Refiner’s syrup

Sorghum syrup




Barley malt

Corn syrup



Diastatic malt

Ethyl maltol


Glucose solids


Malt syrup