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Calcium - What form is Best


Over 200 forms of calcium exist in nature; most of them are not useful to the human body. Therefore, quality of the calcium is often more important than the quantity.

Calcium must become ionized in the blood to properly defuse into tissues. It is the Ionized or “free calcium” which is the metabolic actively portion of calcium in the blood.

The most commonly dispenses from of calcium is calcium carbonate.

Calcium Carbonate is a common form of calcium found in limestone, chalk, seashells, and other non-plant and non-dairy sources. It is cheap and abundant and commonly used in calcium supplements.  However, Calcium carbonate is never found in foods consumed by humans or animals.  It is poorly absorbed (demanding many digestive juices just to breakdown).  It is very poorly ionized once in the bloodstream.

Calcium Lactate is the closest that we can get to what the body is requiring in regards to calcium.  It goes through one simple step and the body can start using it.  If we are going to use a calcium supplement it should be calcium lactate.

Everyone should be taking calcium.  If you are having leg cramps or charley horses, have canker sores, fever blisters or need a boost to your immune system, you defiantly need to be taking calcium lactate.

To see if calcium will help you or is right for you, please call and talk to Dr. Johnson.